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Press Room at the Hotel Colorado

As seen in The New York Times Channel 5 News David Storm Hotel Colorado
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Welcome, members of the media

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the living history that is the Hotel Colorado. This Grande Dame of the Rockies has built a rich tradition of luxury and service since her debut in 1893. Today, she continues to make history through a never-ending, old-fashioned commitment to exceeding every guest’s expectations.

The hotel’s creator, Walter Devereux, had a vision of building a world-renowned resort, and he succeeded beyond his dreams. The Hotel Colorado continues to be known internationally to this day. Mr. Devereux’s vision has been re-energized under the stewardship of David Storm and Providence Hospitality Partners, Hotel Colorado’s management company. Mr. Storm specializes in restoring historic hotel properties to their former splendor, remaining faithful to the original design and ambiance while adding state-of-the-art conveniences and special touches that make every stay unforgettable. If Walter Devereux could see his creation today, we’re certain he’d be downright proud of his 21st-century Grande Dame.

Please come back often to watch history in the making. All of us at Hotel Colorado are constantly planning suite enhancements, décor upgrades, special events, and much more. We’re sure you’ll find many great story ideas in the weeks and months to come.